Frequently Asked Questions.

How easy are the Cameras to use?


Very easy!!


Simply pop open the screen switch on, press record, we set the camera up on auto mode when we send them to you, they are compact, lightweight and we've selected these models of camera for their ease of use, and there stunning picture quality and have many additional luxury features for the more techy types.

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How do you edit the footage?

Our editors use all their creative talents to bring together all the emotion, beauty, fun and laughter from your wedding and showcase it in a video that you'll want to watch again and again. The music you choose helps to bring to life the different moods experienced throughout the various stages of the day so we suggest you have a mixture of slow, upbeat, fun & romantic songs present in your 'Top Ten' music submission.


Can we choose the music?


The simple answer is YES! This is a wedding video that is unique and personal to you so we ask you to give us 10 of your most favourite songs that we can use in your finished DVD.


How long after the event do get my video?


The time it takes can vary depending on the time of year but we guarantee it will be with you within 6 weeks after the wedding. Our editors take pride in their work and will not be rushed although for an additional £150, we can put your video to the front of the queue which guarantees you get your DVD within 2 weeks


How long is my video?


The DVD will be between an hour to one and a half hours long and will be split into three chapters; the 'Wedding Ceremony', the 'Speeches' and the 'Wedding Highlights'. The highlights chapter is approximately 30 minutes long and is a professionally edited compilation of all the best bits from your wedding. From the initial build-up, right through to the party at the end of the day, the highlights will include all the best bits from your wedding experience.


Can we view our video online?


We post a highlights video onto our website which you will be able to view by logging into the client area. You can also share this with friends and family members via social media sites such as Facebook


What if I have a problem on the day ?


its unlikely but if you have any problems on the day or before, you can call our team who are always ready to offer support and advice. The video cameras will be delivered two days prior to the wedding so this should give your videographers enough time to familiarise themselves with the camera and practice some of the tips suggested in our online tutorials. All our cameras are checked before dispatch to ensure that they are in full working order, fully charged and ready to go!

Who edits my video?


A friendly group of talented people who have a real passion for what they do, Editing is not

just a job to them but its a way of expressing their inner creative talent that always shines through in their completed work !!


How does the camera work in Low light?


These Pro Consumer cameras do handle low light ambient really well but when the light does get too dark, the camera has its own built in light which helps allows you to record those stunning First dance John Travolta moves later in the evening !


What if we damage the camera ?


For your piece of mind, our Equipment is insured by a comprehensive policy that covers all the equipment whilst it is out on hire. However in the very unlikely event the equipment is returned damaged our client is responsible for the repair cost or the excess of £250 on the policy.

The cost of this short-term insurance policy is already included in the price and we organise it all for you.


Whats included ?